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S4P Media has been in the Advertising Industry since 2010. We focus on building trust and relationships with both our current and new partners. Our goal is to thrive and increase player-base with each and every brand that join us.

S4P Media focuses on the gaming niche, which means anything related to casino & slots gaming advertising is in our interest. We accept CPA, CLP, Fixed RevShare with NNCO and Hybrid opportunities only. If your brand is committed and has what it takes, then we are the perfect choice.

Reasons to work with S4P Media

There are plenty of reasons to go with us. Firstly, if you are a new brand on the market, you’ll need a lot of exposure. With over 20+ casino related websites, the advertising options and potential reach are limitless on the S4P network. It means you will achieve brand awareness on a global scale – in record time.

You Get:

  • Brand Integration
  • Brand Push within the network

We deliver thousands of signups across the network with a conversion rate ranging from 5 to 85% (signup to deposit).

As you are well aware, these stats are influenced by many factors – and we will do our very best to realise the best results consistently. However, it is imperative that you deliver, in terms of marketing options and prompt support, which includes the likes of landing pages and compelling promotions.


Our best geos are US, UK, FR, CA, AU, DE and NZ.

Ever since the company entered the Gaming sector, our most prestigious site has been Slots4play.com. All new partnerships will begin from there.

Yes, at the moment we have 2 websites Crypto Play Casinos and Bitcoin at Casino. They are new sites and we expect good growth.

Yes. There is a one-off fee to join our network. All our partners have honoured this requirement. In our experience, it serves to confirm the level of commitment to a successful long term relationship by both parties.

Yes. In fact we prefer this kind of deals on US/AU markets.

We look for fairness and transparency. Results are a must and a fruitful relationship should start from there.

From the moment we close the deal and the one-off fee is paid we aim to have your brand live on our network within 48h (weekends excluded).

Focus Markets

Our main markets are as follows:

  • USA & Canada
  • Australia & New Zealand
  • UK & Ireland
  • Europe
  • South Africa
  • India
  • Asia (Japan &┬áThailand)

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Brand Integration



We are looking for long term only partners. We are here since 2010 and we look forward to a long drive.

No. We do not believe in testing a brand on our website. We get dozens of requests weekly. Doing this will only delay our progress.

We work with RevShare, CPA, Hybrid and CPL deals. Note that we always look for NNCO and fixed deals.

Once the deal has been finalised all new partners will get a top 10 exposure on their markets and on relevant pages from our sites. This top exposure lasts 3 months (this is somehow a trial). If the results are good then you keep your positions and if there’s a poor performance we will only downgrade your brand, but continue to work with you.